Public Access

Because of their richness and beauty, there has always been keen public interest in visiting and experiencing the archaeological sites of the greater Galisteo Basin. Encouraging public interpretation and appreciation is one of the goals of the GBASPA, but many of the sites are undeveloped, difficult to get to, and in private ownership. The respect for the privacy rights of private property owners has kept most of the sites off limits to casual visitation, and has incidentally contributed significantly to their preservation. However, many landowners recognize the strength of public interest and have agreed to allow organized and supervised tours of their sites. Public access status of the sites is described below, along with groups that occasionally organize tours of sites that are normally restricted. Regular review of the tour offerings of these organizations is the best way to experience the historical resources first hand.


BLM – La Cieneguilla Petroglyphs

Group tour organizers

  • The Archaeological Conservancy
  • New Mexico State Land Office
  • Museum of New Mexico Foundation
  • School for Advanced Research

Popular publications

  • Christina S. Mednick – Voices and Visions of the Galisteo Basin
  • Lucy Lippard – Down Country
  • Jason Shapiro – Before Santa Fe: Archaeology of the City Different